A Charleston Beach Wedding Story Told in Photos: Matt and Calli.

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We received the sweetest Thank you note in the mail today and it inspired us to share the story of the sweet couple (family) who sent it: Matt and Calli and Matt’s daughter, Cloey. However, sometimes words just don’t do the job as well as pictures SO we thought we’d tell it through some of our favorite photos from their big day. Congratulations to a truly beautiful couple. You made our job so much fun……


Matt and Calli did a little “first look” photo session at the Folly Beach Pier:
collier_hixenbaugh-0020 collier_hixenbaugh-0023collier_hixenbaugh-0031

Then they headed back to the rental house to get ready for the ceremony!
collier_hixenbaugh-0060 collier_hixenbaugh-0075


They had some of the most important ingredients for a beautiful, meaningful wedding: a happy bride, a sweet and excited groom, and a loving and supportive group of family and friends.





collier_hixenbaugh-6979 collier_hixenbaugh-6960 collier_hixenbaugh-6951

Then they headed back to their beach house rental for a fun Lowcountry Boil cooked up by the talented guys at The Smoking Pot.



I’m not sure- do you think they had fun?



This is why we love what we do! How about a vow renewal next year, guys?