Barrier Island Beach Weddings



A Charleston Beach Wedding is perfect for YOUR wedding, elopement, vow renewal or commitment ceremony, and the location can’t be beat. The barrier islands around Charleston are uniquely southern and perfect for destination weddings. Just a short drive from historic Charleston, South Carolina, the barrier islands have miles of beautiful, public beaches that create a perfect backdrop for beach weddings. Hotels, B&B’s and a myriad of beach rentals, from humble but charming historic cottages to lavish beach front-homes, are  available for rent. There are beachside cafes and restaurants. Bicycles, golf carts, surf boards, kayaks, fishing boats, and every other ocean-related form of recreation that you can imagine are available for your enjoyment.  The best part about having a beach wedding is that you’ll have a perfect excuse to combine marriage with a vacation at the beach and you’ll have a perfect excuse to visit us again and again for your anniversary celebrations.  Did we tell you that we also perform Vow Renewal Ceremonies on the beach?  Now you know!