Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What Is A Charleston Beach Wedding?

A) We are the original beach wedding company in Charleston. We only do beach weddings and we only do them on Folly Beach, a barrier island just fifteen minutes from historic Charleston. As ‘beach wedding ceremony experts’, we provide everything and everyone you need for your ceremony. From the officiant to the violinist; from the videographers to the photographers; we take care of the details of your ceremony. But we also provide something else as part of our services: valuable information that will make the selection of restaurants, caterers, beach house rental agencies and other vendors simple and easy. We take care of the ceremony. And we make it easy for you to plan your reception.

Q) What Are the Benefits of a Beach Wedding?

A) We believe that there are three key reasons for a beach wedding: simplicity, affordability and beauty.  The natural beauty of the ocean seems to bring out the best in everyone. Rather than the stress of many traditional ceremonies, beach weddings allow everyone to relax and enjoy the moment. That doesn’t mean that a couple can’t have eight attendants in formal attire (although the majority of beach weddings are small to medium and often, but not always, barefoot). It just means that everyone has a festive, positive and relaxed attitude.

Q) How Do I Get Started With My Beach Wedding?

A) Once you’ve visited our website at www.acharlestonbeachwedding.com you can email us through the site or at: ChasBeachWedding@gmail.com with the following information:

  • which of the four ceremony options you would like
  • approximately how many people will be in the wedding party
  • the date and time you desire, or several date and time options

We’ll send a Welcome packet of information as an attachment. When you’re ready to reserve your date and time, you can send a retainer based on the pricing outlined in the Getting Started information. Please also send us 1) bride and groom full names, and 2) bride and groom email addresses, and we will send the online wedding agreement for you both to sign. After that, we’ll send along even more great information about beach house rentals, locations, marriage licenses, caterers for receptions, etc.  that will help you plan all of the details. Over the years, we’ve found that emailing is an organized and effective means of planning, as you get everything in writing and so do we. And, of course, for our out-of-town wedding couples, it’s the most cost-effective way to plan a wedding!

Q) What If I Want to Make Substitutions in the Wedding Ceremony Options?

A) The options are only there to help simplify the planning of your wedding ceremony. We are completely flexible and are happy to add or subtract any of the components. It is your wedding day!

Q) How Can I Confirm My Date and Time?

A) Once you’ve decided on a day and time, we check our schedule and then send a confirmation email. Then you’ll send us both bride and groom FULL NAMES and EMAIL ADDRESSES, and we’ll send you the online wedding agreement. At the same time, you can mail your retainer (amount can be found in the Getting Started information) to:

A Charleston Beach Wedding

P O Box 20872

Folly Beach, SC 29413

Once we receive your deposit, we’ll send a confirmation of the receipt of your check along with our Part Two: Getting Started information, along with Part Three: Vow Options.

Q) What If I Want To Speak With Someone on the Phone?

A) If you still have questions after reading the information packets, just call us at 843.518.2183 and we’ll be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

Q)  What If I Want To Meet In Person?

A) Our specialty is in helping out-of-town couples have a simple, beautiful and affordable beach wedding ceremony without the added stress of making trips to the Charleston and Folly Beach area ahead of time. It’s a way of keeping costs down for both of us. But we appreciate that some people prefer to visit Folly Beach and Charleston for themselves.  To schedule a meeting on Folly Beach, call or write us at least two weeks in advance.

Q) How Do We Select Our Wedding Vows?

A)  Once you’ve reserved your date and time, we will send a copy of our Vow Options to you for your review. But please know that we are flexible when it comes to the ceremonies. We perform the Seaside Ceremony, the Traditional Protestant Ceremony, Spiritually-oriented Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, Wedding Vow Renewals and personalized vows.

Q) Where are the Ceremonies Performed?

A) In Folly Beach, South Carolina. It’s the only beach in the Charleston area that allows weddings on the beach. In addition, it’s where we live and we love it here. Be wary of beach wedding companies that are not actually on Folly Beach as the traffic can get cumbersome during the summer and you will definitely want your wedding professionals to already be at the beach.

Q) Where on Folly Beach are they performed?

A) That depends. If a couple rents a beach house, we perform the ceremony directly in front of it.  Otherwise, we will suggest a location based on time of day, how many guests you have, and whether certain beach access areas are under repair or not.

Q)   How does the Planning Process work?

A)  After having planned between fifty and sixty ceremonies a year for twelve years, we have found that when we both put everything in writing, the process is more organized and efficient. That, and the fact that it’s more convenient for our couples, is why we prefer to use email rather than phone calls. We create a folder for every couple and then we have instant access to every detail of your ceremony.  With the busy lives that people have, we found that trying to track people down on the phone simply does not work.

Q) How Long Does the Planning Process Take?

A) We plan and coordinate weddings as much as two years in advance and just a few days’ notice.

(Q) What About Chairs? Do We Need Them?

(A)  Actually, you don’t need chairs. The guests at a beach wedding are happy just to be at the beach and they’re fine with standing during your ceremony. In fact, we invite them to gather around you once the bride joins the groom at the water and it makes the occasion more intimate.  If you are renting a beach house, however, and you want to have chairs, we will give you the name of a rental company who will deliver them to your house.

If you have more questions, please email ChasBeachWedding@gmail.com or call us at 843.518.2183.  And don’t forget to visit our blog to get the latest information and to see some of A Charleston Beach Wedding’s many beautiful brides!