Time and Tides



Once you choose a day, we will work with you to plan a time for your ceremony.  We will help to ensure that the number of beach-goers is at a minimum yet the lighting will be optimal.  After all, you are getting married outside and you will want to maximize the benefits of natural lighting.  Fortunately, our photographers and wedding planners are well-informed about such things.


Typically the tides are not a limitation, especially on the Isle of Palms. Before Folly Beach went through a re-nourishment process that enlarged the beach a few years ago, tides were more critical as far as timing weddings.  These days, however, the beach is big and beautiful and only recedes to the dunes a few instances a year. You can check for low tides and high tides at various internet sites (for example, saltwatertides.com and tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov) but the tides should not be a problem for your wedding ceremony.


We don’t like to use the ‘R word’ at A Charleston Beach Wedding, but sometimes that clear, gentle liquid does fall from the sky. In that case, we have options that will keep you warm and dry.  But between us, we have gone several years in a row without one rainy wedding. And remember that they say that for every rain drop that falls, the bride will cry one less tear in her life. They also say that ‘happy is the bride the sun shines on’.  So, either way: your wedding will be perfect!