We are on a constant quest to perfect the art of the beautiful, simple, affordable wedding. We believe that the bride and groom know better than anyone how to bring in key elements to make their wedding even more special. We have seen some of the most thoughtful details included in beach ceremonies that just do so much to make the whole thing feel more intimate, romantic and memorable.

As they say: “the devil is in the details”. In the midst of the Pinterest, Blog, DIY wedding craze, we have one piece of advice: keep it simple. Repeat this mantra when your to-do list is getting so long you start to panic at the sight of it. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with ideas, especially when it is so much fun to click through gorgeous picture after picture of wedding detail inspiration. We say: Go ahead  and surf the internet, make a Pinterest board, mark things in magazines, and just take a little time to let yourself daydream. Then, talk to your loved one and choose three details to focus on. It doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money, it can be anything from a special gift for your bridal party, a family heirloom tied up in your bridal bouquet or a thoughtful message to your guests on a chalkboard…

We can take care of the major things: the officiant, vows, photography, music, etc. So you can let yourself have fun with your special details.

Beautiful bride Emily and her handsome groom, Devin did just that. They had the perfect cake-topper. Simple, sweet and just the right way to jazz up the cake. Their ceremony was beautiful and happiness glowed in the couple, right on through to their friends and family. Congratulations to these two love birds!