We see so much in our time at wedding ceremonies on the beach. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, some of the most meaningful moments are not only between the bride and groom but between the families and the couples. It shows up in all forms: a special hug, a sweet gift, a thoughtful toast or reading, but some of the best love is shown in simple support. We had an adorable couple from the mountains in North Carolina get married on the beach last week and we left feeling inspired and uplifted by not only the love between the couple but the sweetness and love of the family members who were there to support them. We were unsure about weather, and every family member showed patience, and pitched in to carry something or help with something when we began to walk out to the beach. As we waited for the bride to walk out, the family put their arms around each other, formed a two lines to make a human aisle for her to walk down with her Dad, and in that moment, love was ALL AROUND. We loved being a part of Haley and Steven’s wedding and we have a very strong feeling that they will pass this love around for generations to come.