Rain and rainbows go hand in hand and we have the beautiful weddings to prove it! If you’ll look closely at one of the photos, you can see not one, but two gorgeous rainbows that lit up the sky behind this lucky (and very much in love) couple.

Most brides and grooms fear the r-word but, after having performed hundreds of ceremonies during the last twelve years, (99.5% of them rain-free) we can say that weather predictions for this part of the world are unreliable. We have micro-climates here. It can rain one island over, but not one rain drop on Folly Beach. Or it might rain buckets one minute and the next minute, the sun is out, the light is dramatic and you’ll have photos of a moment you’ll never forget. It’s unlikely to rain on your wedding. But if it does, you might be fortunate enough to find a rainbow – maybe even two – in your photographs.