Why a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding achieves the nearly impossible: it allows you to be relaxed while you’re taking one of the most important steps of your life.

There are many reasons to have a beach wedding: because the ocean and the beach do not require decorations to be beautiful and you can have a fabulous wedding without spending a fortune; because your family and friends will thank you for combining a wedding ceremony with a vacation at the beach; because we’ve never seen an unhappy groom at a beach wedding; because what bride doesn’t look beautiful against such a dramatic backdrop; and because you can say goodbye to all of your guests and already be in your honeymoon location. There are lots of reasons to have a beach wedding but we think that the best one is that the sound of the waves and the soft natural light of a late morning or early evening sun create an atmosphere that says ‘there is nothing more important in the world, at this moment, than the commitment that this couple is making’. Yes, definitely, a beach wedding.