“We hadn’t thought of eloping until our guest list kept growing and growing…and we knew we’d be in deep financial trouble if we didn’t do something. So, we decided to slip away and get married on our own terms. We had to do it quickly before the wedding planning got too far along.

We found A Charleston Beach Wedding and they were wonderful. We asked them if we could get married a week away and they told us, a two day lead time was fine.

They sent us the marriage license information and the name of a florist who would work with us. They got things ready on their end and four days later I was in Folly Beach, walking along a sandy path, holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers, with Jeremy waiting by the water with the officiant. A photographer captured the whole ceremony and took extra care with all of our pictures afterward.

Now that we’ve done it, I know that we got a lot more than a financial benefit from eloping. It was just the two of us. We didn’t have to perform for anyone or worry about anyone else. We can’t imagine a more romantic way to get married.”

– Stacey and Jeremy L.